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Fleet of UFO’s seen over Chenango Bridge, New York

September 7th 2009 in UFO Sightings

My family and I were driving down the Highway from Port Crane NY. to Endicott. Just after the Chenango Bridge Exit is where I saw the Lights. It was roughly 10pm and I was sitting between the 2 front seats . I looked ahead and in the sky And saw 4 Bright lights 2 white and 2 red . They were not moving just sitting stationary in the sky. I told my dad , we noticed the station wagon in front of us was swerving , it was obvious they were swerving because they were looking at what we were . There were alot of construction barrels and it took a while to pull off the road .

The station wagon pulled off the road too . My sister and I got out I had my 110 camera Two other kids got out and we all ran down a dirt road . The lights were about 100 feet above us still holding still . When we got down near them there was a really loud hum like a transformer or a big swarm of bees ,it was so loud it actually made your ribcage vibrate . I was initially excited about getting near the object but now got an overwhelming sense of unease , I said to my sister what if they are not friendly. The boy who was behind us was getting frustrated because he was trying to line one of the lights up in a pair of binoculars he had and could get it in focus. Just then the humming stopped and we noticed that the lights began to move very very slowly , they moved with such precision that it made it look like it was a solid object. It was a full moon that night and I told my sister lets wait until it passes in front of the moon so we can see its sillouhette. As it passed in front of the moon there was no solid object between the lights they were seperate objects.I snapped the picture before they started moving . We ran back up to the car as we continued down I 81 towards binghamton we could still see the lights they had taken a new formation shaped like this V. We watched them out our left window . Suddenly over state hospital hill the shot off in different directions and disappeared. When we got home we called the police they stated they had received multiple calls . We called the tri cities airport they stated whatever it was it was not showing on their radar. The next day the press and sun bulletin had a story stating that the objects were planes with the bottoms painted black . I dont know of any plane except a harrier jet that can stay that still in the sky and thay make a racket of noise. Our neighbor thought we were crazy that night her brother and his girlfriend came home and told her what they had seen they were near state hospital hill parking . She came over and told us she couldn’t believe that they had described the same thing we saw . The picture was developed but was very dark and the lights were small , my brother in law scanned the picture and this picture is the result .

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