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April 16th 2014 in Podcasts

Please check out my new podcast Sword and Scale at http://swordandscale.com

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What is This All About?

January 17th 2010

Are you new here? Want to now what Universe of Mystery is all about? Click the title of this post to read all the drequently asked questions about Universe of Mystery

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Episode 19: Universe of Mystery

December 23rd 2009

This is the final episode! Listen to some amazing stories about UFO encounters in Russia, the top 10 cryptological news stories of 2009, extraterrestrial planets with the potential for life, Haunted 100-year-old hotels and much more.  Thank you all, and I’ll see you again very soon in a parallel dimension! (Show notes will be posted [...]

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UFO Landing and Entity Sighting in Monahans, Texas

December 15th 2009

A group of Texas witnesses near Monahans watched an oval-shaped UFO near ground level with two “strange men” nearby on December 11
Monahans is the county seat of Ward County, Texas, population 6,821.

A very strange story indeed one worthy of being posted on the UOM forum, but another reason I wanted to post it was because I grew up in Monahans, Texas and to have something like this in my home town is awsome!

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Cattle Mutilations make front page news in Denver, Colorado

December 10th 2009

A strind of cattle mutilations have made front page news in Denver. Colorado. Apparently this has been going on for more than a few decades.

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Pennsylvania UFO Sighting and Abduction

December 10th 2009

Two fisherman see a UFO and then report missing time. another story from the case files of UFOClearinghouse.webs.com and MUFON

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Australian Abduction experience involving shape shifting entities

December 10th 2009

A very strange abduction experience out of Australia. The witness talks about how the entities were able to shape shift and change their appearence to appear non-threatening. A very strange story from the the case files of UFOClearinghouse.webs.com and MUFON

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A busy, busy, busy 24 hours for UFO Sightings

November 20th 2009

I rarely, if ever will post UFO Sightings on this website, mostly opting to post the reports of CE-3′s (contact) and CE-4′s (abduction). But the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of activity, from sightings, to landings, to evidence and everything else in between. Throw in the Leonid meteor shower and the Large Asteroid that lit up most of the western United States and you can tell that the last 24 hours were nothing short of extraordinary! So enjoy this posting of some of the more than 2 dozen sightings that were reported that night. This is but a small portion of the ones reported that night! Check them out and happy reading! From the casefiles of UFOclearinghouse.webs.com and MUFON.

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West Texas UFO Sighting and Possible Abduction

November 5th 2009

A great UFO Sighting story from West Texas, this one has a twist in which the witness tells of the sensation of waking up and being paralyzed in bed and discovering that he had missing time. A very good story to read and draw your own conclusions. From the case files of UFOclearinghouse.webs.com and MUFON

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